Recent Newsletters

Volume 28 Issue 2  (Summer 2016) PDF

Vol 28 Issue 1 (Winter 2016) PDF

Vol. 27 Issue-2(Fall 2015) PDF

Contents: 2015 Culture Section Awards* 2016 Award Committees *Calls for Papers 3 Q&A with Michèle Lamont * ASA 2015 Panel: Culture and Its Intersections * ASA 2015 Sessions. •Meanings in Organizations •Micro-Dynamics of Meanings • Cosmopolitan Nation • Art, Money, and Meaning •Author Meets Critics:There Goes
The Gayborhood? * Book Review: M. Kennedy’s Globalizing Knowledge (H. Angelo) * From our blog: “Of Refugees and Migrants” * From our Gallery: 116 St. Festival Photo Essay * Announcements * Soc. of Culture in the Media

Vol. 27 Issue 1 (Summer 2015) PDF

Contents: *Genevieve Zubrzycki’s Message * Editors’ Note * New Section Officers * Four Questions For… Anne Mische * Sociology of Culture’s Homes: Yale’s CCS * Ousiders: Sarah Thornton interviewed by Ann Mullen * 2015 Section Awards  * Junior Sociologist Spotlight: Laura K. Nelson and Hassan El Menyawi * Committee’s Praise for 2014 Prized Books * Writing Strategies Workshop with Eviatar Zerubavel * Culture Panels and Roundtables @ ASA 2015 * New Publications Announcements

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