Letter from Chair, Summer 2022

Finding Connection in Culture: Beyond the Whirlwind and the Treadmill As we approach the 2022 ASA meetings, many of us are not sure whether we are being sucked up in a whirlwind or stuck on a treadmill. We are caught between tumult and stasis, pulled from one “can you believe that just happened?” moment to the next while struggling to move forward with work and life.  … Continue reading Letter from Chair, Summer 2022

Special Announcements

John Mohr Dissertation Improvement Grant About the Grant The John Mohr Dissertation Improvement Grant of $1000 will go to 1 racially or ethnically under-represented graduate student at a public institution studying any topic.  The recipient must be a member of the Sociology of Culture section.  This grant recognizes that scholars of color, especially graduate students, have been historically, systematically disadvantaged in academia and uses a … Continue reading Special Announcements

Reports: “Revisiting Cultural Methods to Address Racism”

by Manning Zhang (Brandeis University) On Jan. 27, 2022, the Culture Section of American Sociological Association held the first event of this year’s Culture and Contemporary Life Series. Yan Long (University of California, Berkeley) moderated the discussion. Ellen Berrey (University of Toronto), Marcus Anthony Hunter (University of California, Los Angeles), Mario L. Small (Columbia University) and Derron Wallace (Brandeis University) participated as panelists. The event … Continue reading Reports: “Revisiting Cultural Methods to Address Racism”

Four Questions for Bin Xu

Manning Zhang (Brandeis University) interviews Bin Xu (Emory University) about his academic life. Could you tell us a bit about yourself, your research, your future plans, and any other perspectives you want to share with us? Sure. I am currently an associate professor at Emory, and I graduated from Northwestern University in 2011. I am interested in cultural sociology but most of the time I … Continue reading Four Questions for Bin Xu

Book Symposium

Populism in the Civil Sphere (2021) Alexander, J. C. (2021). Populism in the Civil Sphere. Newark, United Kingdom: Polity Press. (This symposium is based on an Author Meets Critic Session at the Social Science History Association meetings in November 2021, with contributions from Mabel Berezin, Robert Janson, Paul Lichterman and Ming-Cheng Lo. There is a response from Jeffrey Alexander after these commentaries.) Comments for Alexander Populism … Continue reading Book Symposium

Letter from the Chair, Winter 2022

Wrestling with talk and action in crisis time Hello to all as we round the corner towards spring! In this Chair’s letter, I would like to update you on the work of our section committees, with a focus on how we have been trying to expand our attention to diversity, inclusion and racial justice in all areas of the section’s social and intellectual life. I … Continue reading Letter from the Chair, Winter 2022