ASA 2022 Culture Section Session Schedule

(Please note that all of the times below are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). 1. The Racial Politics of Culture? Critical Perspectives from Cultural Sociology  Sat, August 6, 8:00 to 9:30am, LACC, Floor: Level 2, 303B What is the relationship between the cultural and the racial? What political factors and social forces shape the racial politics of culture? How are processes of distinction, consumption and … Continue reading ASA 2022 Culture Section Session Schedule

Letter from Chair, Summer 2022

Finding Connection in Culture: Beyond the Whirlwind and the Treadmill As we approach the 2022 ASA meetings, many of us are not sure whether we are being sucked up in a whirlwind or stuck on a treadmill. We are caught between tumult and stasis, pulled from one “can you believe that just happened?” moment to the next while struggling to move forward with work and life.  … Continue reading Letter from Chair, Summer 2022

Research Highlights

Licheng Qian (University of Macau) The study of “difficult past” in Western/democratic societies has contributed insightful theories to our understanding of memory, politics, and culture. Yet is “difficult past” remembered and used differently in an authoritarian context? How can one consume a difficult past unacknowledged by the authoritarian state? By analyzing the consumption of Chairman Mao symbols in contemporary China, this article explores the memory … Continue reading Research Highlights

New Book Summary

Claude Rosental. 2021. The Demonstration Society. Cambridge (MA): MIT Press YouTube demos of makeup products by famous influencers, demonstrations of strength during street protests, demonstrations of military might in North Korea: public demonstrations are omnipresent in social life. Yet they are often perceived as isolated events, unworthy of systematic examination. In The Demonstration Society, Claude Rosental explores the underlying dynamics of what he calls a … Continue reading New Book Summary

Book Review

Scripting the Moves Golann, J. W. 2021. Scripting the Moves: Culture and Control in a” No-Excuses” Charter School. Princeton University Press Reviewed by Peter Francis Harvey (University of Pennsylvania) During Monty Python’s classic comedy movie, The Life of Brian, the titular character wakes one morning to find an enormous, adoring crowd camped outside his window. Believing him to be the messiah, they call in unison for … Continue reading Book Review