Book Review: “Measuring Culture”

Mohr, John W., Bail, Christopher, Frye, Margaret, Lena, Jennifer, Lizardo, Omar, McDonnell, Terence, Mische, Ann, Tavory, Iddo, Wherry, Frederick. 2020. Measuring Culture. New York: Columbia University Press. Review by Alex van Venrooij (University of Amsterdam) In 2003, John Mohr wrote a short essay for this newsletter on what he thought other sociologists should know about cultural sociology. For Mohr, cultural sociology could potentially play a … Continue reading Book Review: “Measuring Culture”

Book Review: “Creating the Creation Museum”

Oberlin, Kathleen C. 2020. Creating the Creation Museum: How Fundamentalist Beliefs Come to Life. New York: NYU Press. Reviewed by Gemma Mangione On January 22, 2017, Kellyanne Conway — a senior adviser to then-president Donald J. Trump — defended the White House’s press secretary’s recent assessment that attendance numbers at Trump’s 2016 inauguration exceeded that of Barack Obama’s in 2008. Despite photo evidence to the … Continue reading Book Review: “Creating the Creation Museum”