Book Symposium

Populism in the Civil Sphere (2021) Alexander, J. C. (2021).┬áPopulism in the Civil Sphere. Newark, United Kingdom: Polity Press. (This symposium is based on an Author Meets Critic Session at the Social Science History Association meetings in November 2021, with contributions from Mabel Berezin, Robert Janson, Paul Lichterman and Ming-Cheng Lo. There is a response from Jeffrey Alexander after these commentaries.) Comments for Alexander Populism … Continue reading Book Symposium

New Book Summary

Claude Rosental. 2021. The Demonstration Society. Cambridge (MA): MIT Press YouTube demos of makeup products by famous influencers, demonstrations of strength during street protests, demonstrations of military might in North Korea: public demonstrations are omnipresent in social life. Yet they are often perceived as isolated events, unworthy of systematic examination. In The Demonstration Society, Claude Rosental explores the underlying dynamics of what he calls a … Continue reading New Book Summary