Refereed Roundtables @ ASA 2017

Section on Sociology of Culture Refereed Roundtable Session (Sunday, Aug. 13, 10:30 am)

Session Organizers: Brian McKernan, The Sage Colleges; Hannah Linda Wohl, Northwestern University

Table 01. Comparative and Transnational Culture

Table Presider: Aneesh Aneesh, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Cultural Manifestations of Settler Colonialism. Clifford L. Broman, Michigan State University * Shikha Bista, Deliberative Ideals Across Diverse Cultures. Jensen Sass, University of Canberra * Micro-Macro Emergence: Global Expansion of Participation and Policy. Matthew Pearce, UC Irvine * Supporting Equality or Emphasizing Difference? State Policy on Interethnic Relations and Conflict in Central Europe. Sara Jean Tomczuk, University of Washington * “Asphalt” Nivkhs: Transformation of Traditional Culture of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Indigenous People. Svetlana Tulaeva.

Table 02. Creativity and Collaboration

Table Presider: Richard D. Lloyd, Vanderbilt University

Concerted Efforts: Toward a Theory of Reciprocal Influence in Collaborative Circles. Ugo Corte, Uppsala University * Labored Meanings: Contemporary Artists and the Process and Problems of Producing Artistic Meaning. Ann L. Mullen, University of Toronto * Socializing Professional Rejection in Artistic Labor Markets. Rachel Elizabeth Skaggs, Vanderbilt University * Structure, Creativity or Identity? What Makes Artistic Innovators Famous Beyond their Peer Network? Mitali Banerjee, HEC Paris; Paul L. Ingram, Columbia University * The Muse at Work: Processes of Creative Experimentation. Hannah Linda Wohl, Northwestern University

Table 03. Cultural Capital

Table Presider: Roscoe C. Scarborough, Franklin and Marshall College

Aesthetics and morality: The evaluation of female and male bodily beauty in five European countries. Giselinde Kuipers, University of Amsterdam; Sylvia Holla, University of Amsterdam * Cultural equality in the US: Does Public Funding Promote Access to the Arts? Tal Feder, University of Haifa *

Hashtagging Nature: Narrative, Place, and Nature Capital in Santa Barbara, CA. Andrew McCumber, University of California, Santa Barbara; Neil Dryden, Santa Barbara City College * Tastes and Cultural Models of Friendship: Three Hypotheses. Kyle Puetz, University of Arizona.

Table 04. Cultural Production

Table Presider: Catherine L. Moran, University of New Hampshire

Cosmopolitanism and Hegemony: The Manchurian Motion Picture Corporation and the Production of My Nightingale (1943). Seio Nakajima, Waseda University * Hip Hop and Diasporic Cultural Production: the Caribbean Diaspora in Toronto. Athena Elafros, Keuka College * Income Differences among Contemporary Composers: How Does Gender Matter? Ju Hyun Park, Emory University * Municipal Government as an Arts Facilitator  Nicholas P. Dempsey, Eckerd College

Table 05. Cultural Sociology and Politics

Table Presider: Andrea M. Voyer, University of Connecticut

A Monster of a Crisis: Creature Features and Capitalism’s Monstrous Ecological Effects. Jeffrey A Ewing, University of Oregon * From High Ground to Low Responsibility: Shifts in rhetoric as complaints turn to racial conflict. Neal King, Virginia Tech; Anna Calasanti, University of New Mexico * The Cultural Politics of Marijuana: Marijuana, the News Media, and Recreational Legalization. Andrew Horvitz, SUNY New Paltz * Too Dangerous to Disclose? A Case Study on the Legal Struggle over Detainee Abuse Images. Anna Veronica Banchik, University of Texas- Austin.

Table 06. Culture and Contemporary Theory

Table Presider: Filipe Carrier da Silva, University of Lisbon

Rethinking the Iranian Civil Sphere: The Case of HIV/AIDS and the subjective/ objective civility; Elham Pourtaher, University at Albany * Seneca Falls and the Discourse of Equality. Brian T.

Connor, University of Maryland, College Park * Terrorism’s Aesthetics. Marshall Battani, Grand

Valley State University; Michaelyn Mankel, Grand Valley State University * They’re assholes, but they’re my assholes: Female Authority Reconceptualized. Allister Pilar Plater, University of Virginia * Towards a Micro-Cultural-Sociology of Categorical Revision: The Case of Chronically Ill People.

Hwa-Yen Huang, Rutgers University

Table 07. Culture and Inequality

Table Presider: Amanda Koontz, University of Central Florida

Diversity Work. Amy Elizabeth Jones, University of Wisconsin Madison * Unexpressed Desires of Equality for Black Americans. Nathan Reed, University of Southern California * Is Healthy Eating Too Expensive?: How Low-Income Parents Evaluate the Cost and Value of Food. Caitlin Daniel, Harvard University * Organizational Responsiveness to Entitlement in Everyday Requests and Complaints. Simone Zhang, Princeton University * Re-evaluating Cultural Homology. Michael Schultz, Northwestern University

Table 08. Culture and Media

Deaf Identity Salience: Tracing Daphne’s Deaf Identity Salience through Switched at Birth Season

One. Penny Harvey, Georgia State University* Representation and Portrayal of Gender in English-

Language Muslim Children’s Books. Kemal Budak, Emory University * Teaching the Heart: Character Education as a Solution to Changing Social Problems, 1985-2016. Emily Handsman, Northwestern University * The New Blackface: Construction of the Modern African-American Male Actor. Edgar Jesus

Campos, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Table 09. Culture and Memory

Table Presider: Ailsa Craig, Memorial University 100 Voices after 100 Years: Remembering the

Armenian Genocide in Diaspora. Duygu Gul Kaya, York University * FaceTiming the Nation: Art of Mobilizing Citizens in the Age of Fiber-optics through collective memory * Yagmur Karakaya, University of Minnesota * Memory Activism, Memory Regions, and the comparative study of contested pasts. Yifat

Gutman, Ben-Gurion University * The Haunting of the Captain Phillips Rangers

Memorial and the Memory Work of Ghost Stories. Christine Bucior, Pennsylvania State University * The Memory Revolution and the 21st Century Genealogy Boom. Jackie Lee Hogan, Bradley


Table 10. Diffusion, Consecration, and Legitimization

Table Presider: Derek Roberts, The Copperbelt University

Depreciated to be Appreciated: Gender Devaluation in the Cultural Consecration of Korean Writers, 1960-2000. Jina Lee, The University of Arizona *Legitimizing Foreign Cultural Products: The Case of Asian Films in the United States. Mihyang Ahn, Leadership Center, Yonsei University * RED AND GOLD WASHING: The Chinese art hype in California vs. Asian American art’s invisibility. Laura Fantone, University California-Berkeley

Table 11. Material Culture Network

Table Presider: Grant Shoffstall, Williams College

Imaginary Constituencies: Landscape Architecture and the Construction of an Urban Public. Michael Owen Benediktsson, Hunter college * Museums, Pluralism, and Cultural Change: The Creation Museum as a Challenger Museum. Kathleen C. Oberlin, Grinnell College * Second Chances: Institutional symbols and laser tattoo removal. Joseph Klett, University of California, Santa Cruz * The Material Culture of Social Camouflage. Christena Nippert-Eng, IUBloomington (SOIC).

Table 12. Methods in Cultural Sociology

Table Presider: Laura Fantone, University California-Berkeley

On the non-observability of exercise by strangers: Seeing-the-lift, being the team. Edward John

Reynolds, The University of New Hampshire * Sociology at a Slant: James Agee’s Ethnographic Superrealism. Lindsey A. Freeman, Simon Fraser University * To Boldly Make What No Man Has Made Before: Self, Society, and Stuff. Abigail Jorgensen, University of Notre Dame * Where’s the Effort? Emotions and the Problem of Meaning-Centrism in Cultural Theories of Action. Stephen F. Ostertag, Tulane University

Table 13. Morality and Socialization

Table Presider: Shelly Steward, University of California, Berkeley

Intergenerational Transmission of Fertility Intentions among Women in a Developing Country. Adenife Modile, University of Colorado Boulder * Morality in Action : Theorizing the Heterogeneous Role of Morality in Adolescent Deviant Decision- Making. Taylor Paige Winfield, Princeton University; Ryan James Parsons, Princeton University * Revisiting Adolescent Society: School Organization, Peer Culture, and Teacher Control Strategy. Ruo- Fan Liu, University of Wisconsin-Madison * The Moral Lives of Righands. Cary Beckwith, Princeton University * The Transition to Late Modernity and the Educational Trajectories of Russian Youth. Dmitry Kurakin, National Research University Higher School of Economics; David B. Bills, University of Iowa.

Table 14. Sociology of Music

Table Presider: Lisa McCormick, University of Edinburgh

Canons and compilations: The role of cultural anchors in the evolving definition of electronic/dance music. Alex van Venrooij, University of Amsterdam * Cultural logics and modes of consumption Unravelling the multiplicity of symbolic distinctions in the musical field. Mart Willekens, Erasmus University * Music and Self-Transformation in the Production of “Greatness”. Aaron J. Klassen, Carleton U * The development of electronic/dance music in the US, UK and the Netherlands, 1985-2005. Rens Wilderom, University of Amsterdam; Alex van Venrooij, University of Amsterdam * Tiers, Scenes, and What it all Means: Implications of Live Music Venue Hierarchies. Nikki-Marie Brown.

Table 15. Sociology of Taste

Table Presider: Mark W. D. Paterson, University of Pittsburgh

Gender, Household Position, and Taste Acquisition Timing in the Cultural to Economic Capital Conversion Process. Brandon Sepulvado, University of Notre Dame; Photo elicitation in the study of culture and taste. Anders Vassenden, University of Stavanger * Strategic liking? Artistic tastes, boundary drawing and cultural goodwill among Russian university students. Mikhail Sokolov, European university at Saint Petersburg; Volokhonsky Vladimir, Saint Petersburg State university * Tasting the City: Bringing Sociology of Evaluation to Studies of Urban Aesthetics. Anastasiya Halauniova, University of Amsterdam * The emergence of heterarchical cultural evaluation? A Latent Class Analysis of cultural evaluation repertoires. Marc Verboord, Erasmus University Rotterdam.