Culture Section Sessions @ASA2018, Philadelphia, Aug. 10th-15th

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**All sessions are located in the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown**


10:30am- 12:10pm

  • 1257. Taste, Knowledge and Cultural Reproduction, 412, Level 4. Session Organizer: Claudio Benzecry, Northwestern
    • Acting in Disillusio: Morals and Powerlessness in Urban Planning Theory – Hillary Angelo, University of California-Santa Cruz; Gianpaolo Baiocchi, New York University
    • Aesthetic Confidence: Reproducing Status by Investing in Taste – Hannah Wohl, Columbia University
    • Raising Middle-class Children in China: A Cultural Logic of Timely Adjustment – Lily Liang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Social Class and Symbolic Pollution: Or the Discrete Harms of the Bourgeoisie – Philip Smith, Yale University
    • The Meaning(s) of a Maid: Understandings of Interpersonal Inequality among Western Employers of Domestic Workers – John O’Brien, New York University-Abu Dhabi


10:30am- 12:10pm

  • 1273. Honoring Stuart Hall: Sociologists Engage Hall’s Legacy, Franklin Hall 9, Level 4.


7:00- 8:15am

  • 3084. Council Meeting, Salon H, Level 5

8:30- 10:10am

  • 3184. Roundtable Session Salon H, Level 5,  Session Organizers: Dustin S. Stoltz, Univ. of Notre Dame Marshall A. Taylor


  • 3266. Bringing Cultural Sociology to the Public Workshop, Franklin Hall 2, Level 4, Session Organizers: Gemma Mangione and Ande Reisman; Panelists:
    • Ellen Berrey
    • Jessi Streib
    • Daniel Hirschman
    • Greggor Mattson


  • 3266. Business Meeting, Franklin Hall 2, Level 4


  • 3465. Computational Social Science, Culture, and Cultural Analysis, Franklin Hall 1, Level 4, Session Organizer: Lynette Shaw
    • A Field Experiment Designed to Disrupt Social Media Echo Chambers on Twitter, Christopher A. Bail, and M.B. Fallin Hunzaker, Marcus Mann, Friedolin Merhout, John Paul Bumpus, Jaemin Lee, Taylor Whitten Brown
    • Legitimating Big Business: Moral Discourse and the Construction of the Corporate Actor in the Press, Carly Knight
    • Lifting the Curtain: Backstage Cognition, Frontstage Behavior, and the Interpersonal Transmission of Culture, Richard W. Lu, Jennifer A. Chatman, Amir Goldberg, Sameer Srivastava
    • Mapping Cultural Schemas: From Theory to Method, M.B. Fallin Hunzaker
    • Measuring Meaning at Scale: Computational Methods for the Semantic Construction of Austerity in the UK, Devin J. Cornell, John W. Mohr


  • 3565. Cultural Sociology and the Study of Beliefs, Preferences, and Choices, Franklin Hall 1, Level 4,  Session Organizer: Stephen Vaisey, Panelists:
    • Vaccine Skepticism and the Persistence of Belief, Colin Bernatzky,
    • “I was there for the free food”: Accidental Religious and Cultural Conversions in College, Alanna Gillis, Laura Krull
    • Role Playing Social Structure, Nick Bloom
    • Narrative structure of educational choice, Dmitry Kurakin
    • How internal group networks affect consensus about cultural objects: Results from laboratory and field experiments, Dan Wang, Jackson Lu, Sheena Sethi Iyengar

6:30- 8:10pm

  • 3684. Section on Sociology of Culture Reception, Salon H, Level 5,



  • 4174. Culture in the Plural, Franklin Hall 10, Level 4,  Session Organizer: Iddo Tavory, NYU
    • Connecting the private self to the public sphere through lifecoaching in neoliberal Israel, Ariel Yankellevich, BenGurion
    • Culture as Cooperation: Garfinkel’s Interactionism as the Missing Piece of Parsons’ Conception of Culture, Anne Warfield Rawls, Jason Turowetz
    • On Cultural Coherence, Paul J. DiMaggio, Sharon Cornelissen
    • Organs without bodies: Solid organ transplant recipients’ exposure and response to institutional discourse, Athena Engman
    • Discussant: Robin E. Wagner-Pacifici
  • 4149. How does Culture Work? 404, Level 4, Session Organizer: Claudio Benzecry, Northwestern
    • Attention, Speed, and Culture: Patterned Perception and the Reproduction of Inequality – Erika Summers-Effler, University of Notre Dame
    • Cultural Imaginaries and Institutional Identities – Chandra Mukerji, UC, San Diego
    • Durable Dispositions? Interaction and the Structural Emergence of Collective Meanings – Craig M. Rawlings, Northwestern; Clayton Childress, University of Toronto
    • Working the Frame and Framing the Work: Performance Economies in the Culture Industries – Laura Grindstaff, University of California-Davis; David Orzechowicz, University of California-Davis
    • Discussant: Claudio Benzecry


  • 4276. Emerging Economies of Moral Judgment, Franklin Hall 12, Level 4, Session Organizers: Kieran Healy, Marion Fourcade
    • Erasing the Self, Projecting the Generic: Rating Systems and the Self in Ride-sharing Interactions, Mary Patrick
    • The moral economy of quantification devices: Factoring class inequality into school valuation in Chile, Gabriel Chouhy
    • The Moral Economy of the Algorithm: Personhood and the Politics of Classification, Greta R. Krippner
    • The Moral Limits of Predictive Practices: The Case of CreditBased Insurance Scores, Barbara Kiviat
    • Discussant: Kieran Healy


  • 4376. Meaning-Making through the Lens of Cultural Cognition, Franklin Hall 12, Level 4,  Session Organizer: Daniel A. Winchester
    • Binding Significance to Form: Cultural Objects, Cognition, and Cultural Change, Marshall A. Taylor, Dustin S. Stoltz, Terence Emmett McDonnell
    • Making Meaning from Numbers: Demographic Knowledge and Evaluations of Racial Diversity, Jiayi Janet Xu
    • Relational Evaluation and Cultural Anchoring in Everyday Evaluations of Food Cost, Caitlin Daniel
    • Signal Transmission, Signal Reception: Drawing on Goffman and the Dual Process Framework to Theorize Protest Events, Justin Van Ness
    • The Conditions and Significance of Emergent Rapport in Culturally Contested Social Settings, Ethan William Johnson, Penny Edgell, Kathleen E. Hull

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