Conference Report: Gender, Culture, Media

In a session entitled “Gender, Culture, Media,” five scholars presented papers that addressed the intersection of media and culture. Organizer and presider, Andrea Press (University of Virginia) identified the question that unites the various studies: “Where is the influence?” In other words, which groups have the power to affect cultural shifts? Highlighting the role of consumers, producers, and gatekeepers the panel addressed the degree to which each of these actors is able to maintain or challenge gender difference and inequality in media. Continue reading Conference Report: Gender, Culture, Media


Conference Report: From Dissertation to First Book

The Culture Section Professionalization Workshop is an annual ASA session that provides graduate students and junior faculty with professional development resources relating to academic writing, publishing, and career opportunities. For ASA 2017, we organized “From Dissertation to First Book,” featuring two recent first book authors (Michaela DeSoucey and Terry McDonnell), a university press series editor (Jenn Lena), and a university press editor (Eric Schwartz). Panelists were asked to share their advice on writing and publishing first academic books. Continue reading Conference Report: From Dissertation to First Book

Letter From New Editors, Fall 2017

Originally published in Section Culture: Newsletter of the ASA Culture Section. Fall 2017. Vol. 29 Issue 3, p 2. Dear Culture Section, Greetings from your new newsletter editors, Hillary Angelo (UC, Santa Cruz), Diana Graizbord (Univ. of Georgia), and Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz (Northwestern University), as well as our new graduate student assistant, Dustin S. Stoltz (Univ. of Notre Dame). We’re all looking forward to working on behalf … Continue reading Letter From New Editors, Fall 2017

Letter From the Chair, Fall 2017

It has now been several months since our annual conference. The semester is well underway, and we are all very busy with our teaching and research. But I look back fondly at the five days we had in Montreal, thinking about culture in one of North America’s most beautiful cities. I enjoyed my walk down the hill every morning to the Palais des Congres, and I enjoyed my excursions into the city. Above all, though, I enjoyed my time inside the conference venue, talking with my colleagues and listening to dozens of fascinating papers. Continue reading Letter From the Chair, Fall 2017

Raging Against the Enlightenment: The Ideology of Steven Bannon

by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Yale University  [A version of this contribution, published in Section Culture Vol. 29 #1-2, was originally delivered as a lecture at the Political Union at Yale University in April 2017] Steven K. Bannon has been called “Trump’s brain,” the man identified by David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, as the “individual who’s basically creating the ideological aspect of … Continue reading Raging Against the Enlightenment: The Ideology of Steven Bannon

On the NEA

by Jennifer Lena, Columbia University   (Originally published as part of Lena’s “Word from the Chair,” Section Culture,Newsletter of the Culture SectionVol. 29 #1-2)   In March 2017, the Trump administration released a budget proposal (“America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again”) that included the elimination of federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. (2) I am mindful that our large section … Continue reading On the NEA