2023 “Culture in Contemporary Life” scheduled talks

The “Culture and Contemporary Life” (CCL) series, chaired by Fiona Greenland, has an exciting set of panels planned for this academic year. As in the past, the CCL series will feature cultural sociologists drawing on their expertise to speak to current events and important social issues. The CCL committee has been recruiting panelists and finalizing all dates, with the first session already planned for late … Continue reading 2023 “Culture in Contemporary Life” scheduled talks

Letter from the Chair, Winter 2022

Hello to all Culture Section members. We are now at the end of a semester that has found us returning to regular face-to-face interactions with students, colleagues, and friends in our academic worlds. I feel very fortunate to be chairing the Section during these more “normal” times, and planning ASA meetings in person, after the three Past Chairs have dealt with the worst of the … Continue reading Letter from the Chair, Winter 2022

Our Editors!

Man Yao is a PhD candidate of sociology at Ohio State University. Her research interests include gender inequality, cultural sociology, and sociology of education. Her dissertation uses the culture and cognition perspective to examine how people in the U.S. perceive the gender meanings of unfamiliar Chinese names and its real-life consequences. In another line of research, she uses large-scale survey data to document progress and … Continue reading Our Editors!

Sound Study Recruitment

Alessandra Lembo, PhD (University of Chicago) Is cultural experience structured? Is there a structure to cultural experience? If yes, can we map its underlying structure? These are two questions that interest me and motive my article in Sociological Forum, “He Heard, She Heard: Toward a Cultural Sociology of the Senses.” In that study, I developed a novel interview technique designed to facilitate the description of … Continue reading Sound Study Recruitment

Book Review

About the Book: Natasha Warikoo (2022).Race at the Top: Asian Americans and Whites in Pursuit of the American Dream in Suburban Schools. May 2022, University of Chicago Press. This book addresses the impact of Asian American youth’s academic success on ethnic assimilation. The findings are based on research in a well-off suburban community with a large and growing Asian American population. In “Woodcrest” white and … Continue reading Book Review

Four Questions for Karen A. Cerulo

Man Yao (The Ohio State University) interviews Karen A. Cerulo (Rutgers University) about her works on culture and cognition and the vision of a jargon-free sociology. How did you become interested in sociology and the study of culture? I started out working in the sociology of music. I have a music background and I wanted to try to combine two interests: music and sociology. My … Continue reading Four Questions for Karen A. Cerulo