New Book Summary

Bowen, J. R., Dodier, N., & Duyvendak, J. W. 2021. Pragmatic inquiry: Critical concepts for social sciences. New York, NY: Routledge This book examines a range of critical concepts that are central to a shift in the social sciences toward ‘pragmatic inquiry,’ reflecting a twenty-first century concern with particular problems and themes rather than grand theory.  Taking a transnational and transdisciplinary approach, the collection demonstrates a … Continue reading New Book Summary

Graduate Students’ Stories in Getting Jobs during COVID19 Pandemic

During the onset of the pandemic, academic job market appeared to be less promising. Many institutions and universities suddenly stopped hiring new talent. Nevertheless, a number of graduate students managed to land themselves in desirable positions. In this section, we have three students sharing their inspirational stories. At the height of the pandemic, my supervisor and I published a short paper about how COVID19 exacerbated … Continue reading Graduate Students’ Stories in Getting Jobs during COVID19 Pandemic

Job Market Profiles

Andrea Sempertegui Lafayette College Email     : Website: Andrea Sempertegui is an interdisciplinary researcher. His work focuses on struggles over territory and natural resource extraction, indigenous politics, popular feminist movements, and decolonial thought in Latin America. Dr. Sempertegui received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the Justus Liebig University, Gießen, Germany. She is currently serving as a visiting instructor in Anthropology and Sociology at Lafayette … Continue reading Job Market Profiles

ASA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Culture Section Events

by Emma Brown (New York University) For more information, please see the online program. All times listed are in Eastern. Saturday, August 7 12:45-1:15 PM Business Meeting (1371) Organizer and Chair: Terence E. McDonnell, University of Notre Dame 1:15-2:10 PM Graduate Student Professionalization Panel (1470) Studying Culture in Times of Crisis: Methods and Approaches This panel will be an opportunity for students to learn best … Continue reading ASA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Culture Section Events

Reports: “The Cultural Politics of Naming and Commemoration”

by Manning Zhang (Brandeis University) On May 27th, the Culture Section of American Sociological Association held the fifth, also the last event of the Culture and Contemporary Life Series. Robin Wagner-Pacifici (The New School) moderated the discussion. Fiona Greenland (University of Virginia), Angela Gonzales (Arizona State University), and Christina Simko (Williams College) served as panelists. The event took a theme “The Cultural Politics of Naming … Continue reading Reports: “The Cultural Politics of Naming and Commemoration”

Essay: Gonzo Governance

David L. Altheide (Arizona State University) Fantasy and reality. The great Japanese baseball player Shohei Ohtani (now with the Los Angeles Angels), who is an outstanding pitcher as well as a powerful hitter, was inspired by a fictional character Goro Shigeno,  a heroic figure in Japanese comics.  In a mediated world, we should not be surprised when the publisher of the comic requested that Ohtani … Continue reading Essay: Gonzo Governance