Four Questions for Matthew Clair

Manning Zhang (Brandeis University) interviews Matthew Clair (Stanford University) on not only his new prize-winning book Privilege and Punishment: How Race and Class Matter in Criminal Court, but also his opinions about cultural sociology. Beyond the classical four questions, Manning also added questions about Professor Clair’s academic path. Manning Zhang: Could you tell us about your personal history? How did you become interested in sociology, … Continue reading Four Questions for Matthew Clair

Letter From the Chair, Summer 2021

While this year may not have gone quite as I expected, it has been a real privilege serving as chair of the Sociology of Culture section. We’ve had to be creative to find different ways to connect with each other and accomplish the work of the section, but we’ve had great success serving members this year. Thanks to the efforts of the membership committee, the … Continue reading Letter From the Chair, Summer 2021

Culture Section Mentorship Program

The Culture Section is launching its annual Mentoring Program for 2021. Faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and other sociology scholars and practitioners are invited to participate. This program is designed to support connections and community within the section, broaden our intellectual networks, and provide support for the professional development of graduate students and early-career sociologists.   Graduate students and early-career sociologists will be matched in Mentoring … Continue reading Culture Section Mentorship Program

Reports: “Vaccination in the Age of COVID”

by Emma Brown (New York University) On March 11, 2021, the Culture and Contemporary Life Talk Series hosted “Vaccinations in the Age of COVID,” a panel which discussed what cultural sociology uniquely reveals concerning the development and distribution of vaccines as well as the public reception of vaccines. Panelists Claire Laurier Decoteau (University of Illinois Chicago), Jennifer Reich (University of Colorado Denver), and Laura Mamo … Continue reading Reports: “Vaccination in the Age of COVID”

The Power of Speculative Fiction in Politics: Foucault’s Prophetic Truth

Chandra Mukerji (UC San Diego) Donald Trump’s lies galvanize his base. His followers cheer the loudest for outrageous claims. The crowds are energized by his hubris, treating his fantasies as exciting rather than misinterpretations of facts. Asking epistemological questions about his statements may be important to politics and journalism, but it is bad sociology. It does not explain how clear fictions could be so politically … Continue reading The Power of Speculative Fiction in Politics: Foucault’s Prophetic Truth

Book Review: “Measuring Culture”

Mohr, John W., Bail, Christopher, Frye, Margaret, Lena, Jennifer, Lizardo, Omar, McDonnell, Terence, Mische, Ann, Tavory, Iddo, Wherry, Frederick. 2020. Measuring Culture. New York: Columbia University Press. Review by Alex van Venrooij (University of Amsterdam) In 2003, John Mohr wrote a short essay for this newsletter on what he thought other sociologists should know about cultural sociology. For Mohr, cultural sociology could potentially play a … Continue reading Book Review: “Measuring Culture”